This is a site made my a person named RPC(3)R Phillip Castagna (the third)

(That’s me.)

I’ve got a kinda obnoxious name so at some point people just started calling me RPC. That’s how this site got its name.

I’m a software engineer; I’m working at Google (New York office) at the time of writing this. This site is not at all oficially connected to Google in any capacity, though—see the section for legal stuff.

I care way too writing, art, publishing, media, etc., and so I started this site to explore some of those ideas while also playing around with what’s possible with the web as a publishing platform.

I do all the writing, layout, design, and ad-hoc coding that goes into this lovable lump of bits myself. That means it’s likely to be broken at times! Feel free to reach out if you see that happening.

Notes about the site

First: I design this site primarily for laptops and desktops, which have bigger, horizontally oriented screens. I try my best to make things work on mobile, but cooler things like side notes can only work on not-mobile.

(I am aware that this makes me a bad person and I should feel bad.)


This site aims to value and protect its audience. If anyone’s going to sell you anything, it’s gonna be me (or this site), because I just don’t know the trade-offs that went into making things I didn’t make.

Because of that, I don’t fuck with stuff like affiliate links, so if I reference a book or something like that, I try to give enough info so you can track it down on your own. If you can’t find something with the info provided, please reach out.

Publication vs. update dates

Most pages are dated by what I think of as their “birthday”—their original date of publication.

Some (like this About page) have no date in the URL, and the date listed in the header is the most recent content update.

Hovering over the date will tell you if it’s a publication date or a last-update date.

Contact me / ways to follow

I have these options set up to try to reach me and see when new things are on the site:

If none of the above work for you, let me know what would, and I will look at making it happen.

Nothing expressed on this site or in any weird outcropping from this site should be construed as a real or perceived Belief, View, or Opinion of either my employer (Google LLC) or its parent company Alphabet, Inc.

The only cookies used by this site are whatever Google Analytics serves to provide basic metrics about things like page views and site performance. If the use of Google Analytics bothers you, I recommend you use the global Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on, which will stop all sites using Google Analytics from tracking you. Many ad-blockers will also block Google Analytics scripts.